Standard Options

The unit comes standard with an all-weather shore power system and a Yeti Goal Zero 500 lithium battery that provides 12V and 110V when shore power is not available. Use the battery to power lights, water pump, field testing equipment, and maintain the charge in composite sampling and flow monitoring equipment’s internal batteries. The battery is equipped with a battery management system that prevents overcharging or damage due to low battery state. A built-in inverter provides 110V to power additional field equipment such as alternative lighting and power tools. Outputs include (2X) 2.4A USB A port; 60W USB-C Port (input and output); 18W USB-C Port; 6mm Port; 12V Car Port; 120V AC Inverter (300W, 1200W Surge). 

battery source

All weather shore power system

Yeti 500
Solar panel
Yeti 1400
Solar panel

A MERLIN 165-watt solar panel or a Yeti boulder 2 panel solar system can be added to increase capacity in the field by charging your Yeti Portable Power Station. It includes a MERLIN Optimized Charge Controller for low-light and  extreme weather conditions. Many options are available with the MERLIN that include live data tracking with GPS location.

A Yeti Boulder Suitcase Portable solar panel system is also available to increase capacity in the field by charging your Yeti Portable Power Station. This option provides 100-watt charging.

There are multiple battery options available to increase electrical capacity. A Yeti 1500, Yeti 3000, or a Yeti 6000 is available. A technical data sheet is available for these options. 

A cost-effective way to increase capacity is to add AGM batteries to the system. The supplemental batteries can be added to any Yeti 3000 or above. The expansion module allows you to chain a Yeti Tank Expansion Battery to the Lithium Portable Power Station to increase your energy storage capacity.